Teachwar is a blog devoted to resources, strategies and thoughts on teaching about war in college classrooms.

I am a graduate instructor/hopefully soon-to-be professor who studies and teaches about the sociology of war and the military. I teach about war in classes devoted to the subject, but war emerges in the classroom in many different contexts: as a social problem, as a site of gender production and masculinity, as socially transformative historical events, etc.

Many educators find it challenging to incorporate lessons about war into their classes for a number of different reasons. Many simply lack the historical background on war events and feel they don’t have the subject matter expertise to speak about war or the military. Others find the topic too emotionally difficult, or are apprehensive about raising the topic in a class where some students may be veterans who have themselves had difficult wartime experiences. For many teachers and students alike, learning about war has always happened in the context of a history class: it’s difficult for them to conceive of war as being a subject very much alive, current, and an integral part of the human experience.

The goal of teachwar is to challenge these assumptions and to provide a place for college instructors to find resources, strategies, and ideas about how to incorporate lessons and discussions about war in the classroom. I am a college instructor in a Sociology department, so my experiences and ideas are primarily linked to the subject of Sociology in the college classroom environment. However, many of the resources and strategies I offer here can be easily applied to any subject matter that deals with elements of the human experience (history, anthropology, literature, etc.) and can extend to some high school classes as well.

If you have taught about war and want to share your experiences, or would like to teach about war and have questions, please contact me!



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