War Justifications Archive

This collection of primary documents is focused on how political and military leaders have publicly justified going to war.

This collection is an ongoing effort that will be updated periodically to include more documents and more conflicts. The list of conflicts on which I have collected primary source documents thus far is organized by region where the war was fought and the year in which the conflict began.

Thirty Years’ War 1618
English Civil War 1642
War of Austrian Succession 1740
European Wars of the French Revolution 1792
Peninsular War 1808
The Revolutions of 1848
Franco-Prussian War 1870
First World War 1914
Russian (October) Revolution 1917
Spanish Civil War 1936
Second World War (European Theater) 1939
Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968
Abkhazian Revolt 1992
South Ossetian War 2008

Middle East
Iran-Iraq Persian Gulf War 1980
Second Intifada 2000
Invasion of Iraq 2003

East Asia and South Pacific
Manchu Conquest of China 1618-1683
Shimabara Revolt 1637
First Opium War 1839
Taiping Rebellion 1850
Philippine -American War 1899
Sino-Japanese War 1937
Chinese Civil War 1945

North America
Bacon’s Rebellion 1676
Seven Years’ War (American Theater) 1756
American Revolution 1775
US Civil War 1861
Mexican Revolution 1910
Chiapas Rebellion 1994

Central America and Caribbean
Haitian Revolution 1791
Cuban Revolution 1953

South America
War of the Confederation 1837
Falklands/Malvinas War 1982
Alto Cenepa War 1995

First Ashanti War 1822
Third Ashanti War 1873
Egyptian-Ethiopian (Abyssinian) War 1874
Boer War 1899
Italian-Ethiopian (Abyssinian) War 1935
Algerian Revolution 1954
Chimurenga War 1964
Rwandan Civil War 1990
Badme Border War 1998


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